Quickly read your bookmarks, unreads, hearts, and faves from around the Web

Read More Faster

Connect fastfave to your favorite save-for-later, read-it-later, bookmarking, and social media sources. When you're settling in to your reading time, activate fastfave and it will open a tab for each of your unreads, faves, and hearts from across the web. Not too many. Just enough. When you close a tab, fastfave opens up the next unread item in your queue so that it'll be loaded and waiting when you get there.

No more Command-Clicking a bunch of tabs open. No more waiting for pages to load. No more unstarring them when you're done.

There is no faster way to read everything you have saved than with fastfave.

Instead of spending your timemanagingall your bookmarks and favorites, focus onactually readingthem!

Save Time and Avoid Fatigue with fastfave

When you read with fastfave, some neat things happen.

You take advantage of a principle called "batching". That is, you can do things faster in batches than one by one.

You can keep context. Because fastfave can *sort and group* your favorites, you can read everything from @patio11 followed by everything from @rjs.

You'll notice that some things aren't important. The article you saved a week ago no longer has the same urgency. The news is past and it doesn't matter. This may be the most important speed up: everything you didn't read at all. Focus on what's important, not what's urgent.